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This option includes access to both the KS1 and KS2 plays via a digital download, plus a USB stick to play directly onto your TV (compatible TVs only.)


A great option for letting kids plug it into the TV themselves, and relive the fun whilst you have a lie in, plus you can also buy additional USB sticks to give as a gifts to grandparents, godparents, family and friends!


Please note that you will need to enter a password at checkout to complete your purchase, which you should have received as an email from the school office - please contact the school office if you need this to be sent to you.


All proceeds go to the PTA to cover the costs of filming, and any profits will go towards helping to fund enrichment activities, lessons and equipment for the school.


For those eligible to Free school meals, please contact the School Office for further information on how to get your copy of the Christmas Play .

2022 Christmas Play USB plus Digital Download

Digital download links will be emailed as soon as they become available, DVDs and USBs will take a little longer.
  • For safeguarding reasons, the link and password is not to be shared outside of the school community, including WhatsApp groups .

    Sales and distribution of the School Christmas Play is to be kept within the school community

    Any reported breaches will be taken seriously by the school, and may result in having to source an external provider for these services next year, which will be at a much higher cost to the PTA .

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