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Employer Matched Funding

Many companies offer their employees the chance to boost their fundraising efforts by matching the money they raise for the PTA charity. This means that we could double the amount of funds available to support our school. 

Did you know that your employer may:

  • Match your financial donations

  • Match your fundraising activities

  • Give you volunteer days

  • Donate old laptops or office equipment

  • Provide prizes for charity raffles and auctions.


"In 2022, Hampden Gurney PTA benefited from c£6,000 from the employers of just 4 parents!"

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How to request matched funding

  1. Find out what match funding options are available through your employer.

    • Depending on the company you work for, the name of the team responsible may vary. Try HR, Sustainability, Rewards & Benefits, CSR, ESG or Finance to see if your employer offers match funding/giving to UK charities.

    • Matched giving is likely to be set up through a Payroll Giving scheme. (This benefits employers by being paid before National Insurance​.)

    • Matched fundraising is usually dependent on your participation in a fundraising event, which can be confirmed via a letter from the Chair or Treasurer of the PTA.

    • There may be an annual cap on the total amount available per employee.

  2. Check with your employer if our charity is supported under their scheme/policy. Our charity is registered under the Charity Commission. The details are as follows:


    • Charity number: 1101423

    • Registered address: c/0 Hampden Gurney School, 13 Nutford Place, London, W1H 5HA

    • Tel: 02076414195

    • Email:

    • The Charity Commission page: please click HERE

  3. The PTA may need to be registered as a charity with your employer, please check what is the process to add in their register. Some employers will need confirmation from our charity trustees - please give the details of both the Chair and Treasurer (see contact details below) and email us separately to let us know that your employer will contact us.

  4. Once your employer confirms our charity is registered, you can now claim the match funding allowance. You might need to provide evidence of any direct donations. If you wish to claim for an amount raised as part of an event you helped organise, please contact the PTA treasurer (see below) who will be happy to confirm the details of the event, amount and your participation to your employer.

If your employer does not offer any support for charities it is always worth putting it forward for consideration!

PTA Contacts

For any assistance with your matched funding or fundraising application, please contact:

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