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Primary School Desks

Class Wish Lists

This is a list of physical items that either the school or individual classes have requested. If you are able to either provide any of these items directly please label them with the correct class and drop them off at teh school office. Alternatively, if you are able to procure them at a discount, please contact the PTA. Don't forget to ask your employer if they are disposing of technology or other items which the school could use.


Learning aids, books and toys

Miss Brown has put together a list of items that Nursery would benefit from. Please check the links below to see if you have any of these items at home  and would like to donate them to the school.

  • Amazon Wish List here

  • Additional requested item here 

Please note that high priority items have been noted on the Amazon list.

Nursery game.jpg


Learning aids, sensory toys and physical activities

The Wish List of Reception requests is below:

  • Amazon Wish List here

Year 1

Classroom tools and books

Please see below for items requested for Year 1:

  • Amazon Wish List here


Year 2

Maths, geography and time learning aids, and classroom supplies

For the list provided by Year 2, please see below:

  • Amazon Wish List here

Year 3


No Wish List at present

English Class

Year 4

Classroom equipment, learning aids and prizes

Please see below forf Year 4's requested items:

  • Amazon Wish List here

Years 5 and 6


No Wish Lists at present

Teacher and Blackboard


Physical activities and fidget toys

The school has created an additional Wish List focused on SEN requirements.

  • Amazon Wish List here

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