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PTA Spring Bop: Tickets Available Online Now!

Updated: May 13, 2022

The Hampden Gurney PTA Spring Bop is nearly here! The Football Dads are putting on a BBQ and Disco, with music by our very own DJ, Helen-Marie. It is a chance for parents, teachers and children to get together for a laid back spring evening. For important information on indicative prices and Bop Tokens, read on...

Indicative prices

Entrance tickets are £5 per parent, £4 per child (2 year olds and under go free). We will be selling a range of food and drinks, and hope to offer some other activities such as face painting. Indicative prices are as follows:

  • Burger/veggie burger: £5

  • Hot dog: £3

  • Portion of chips: £2

  • Alcoholic drinks: £3+

(Please note, these are subject to change.)

Water and squash will be provided free of charge.

Bop Tokens

In order to minimise the use of cash and cards within the event itself, we will be selling tokens which can be exchanged for the equivalent cash value.

A cashier table will be available to take cards or cash at the Bop, but why not save yourself the queue and pre-buy tokens from the website? They will be given to you when you scan in on arrival.

As an added incentive to buy early, for every £10 of Bop Tokens bought online in the same order, we will add an extra £1 token free!


Please remember that children need to be collected from school as usual prior to the Bop. They must be accompanied by an adult and remain your responsibility throughout the evening.


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