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Spring Bop: Thank You

It was worth waiting to have such a wonderful Spring Bop. Thank you so much for being there, for your smiles and energy, for all the fun on the evening and your kind feedback.

We raised the incredible net amount of £4,400 for the school, and are still waiting for additional match-funding from employers!

Thank you to the HG football team who ran the bar, barbecue and the kitchen; to our fabulous DJ Helen-Marie; to all those who tirelessly painted nails and faces; to the parents at the entrance and to all the other parents and volunteers (thank you Anna!) who were active on the stands and behind the scenes to make the evening so special.

Congratulations also to our amazing Year 4, 3 and 2 children, Zoe, Elodie, Christina and Rosalind who set up their fundraiser, the Golden Hour stand, on their own initiative, and to their classmates who helped sell the necklaces, bracelets, clips, bookmarks, key rings etc, which they had especially prepared. What an amazing effort.

The Golden Hour Stand, which raised £390 for the school!

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